About Miravital B12.
About Miravital Vitamin B12
What are the symptoms of a B12 deficiency?
A vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to fatigue, low energy level, feeling
light-headed and shortage of breath. Furthermore: weight loss,
diarrhea, tingling hands and feet, weak legs, disturbance of equilibrium,
memory loss and confusion.
The symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency often arise gradually and
unnoticed. Symptoms can also be part of another ailment causing a
deficiency to be detected in a late stage. If the doctor suspects a
vitamin B12 deficiency, blood tests follow.

Supplement B12
Tablets and capsules with vitamin B12 are constrained by the fact that
the absorption of B12 is poor so (very) high doses and a prolonged
intake for several weeks or months is necessary to get a substantial
increase in blood levels. Injections with vitamin B12 require intervention
by a medical expert and can e.g. form a barrier for people with fear of

The sublingual route, in which B12 is presumably or supposedly
absorbed more directly under the tongue, has not proven to be
necessary or helpful, even though a number of lozenges, pills, and even
a lollipop designed for sublingual absorption, are being marketed. A
2003 study found no significant difference in absorption for serum
levels from oral vs. sublingual delivery of 0.5 mg of cobalamin!

CureSupport  Miravital B12 drops
CureSupport Miravital presents a unique and patented vitamin B12
formula guaranteeing a very fast absorption without use of injections
and tablets or capsules. The drops may be administered through the
nose. Clinical research indicates that the nasal formula shows an
excellent value already one hour after administration as is shown in the
figure at the left. This effect lasts for several days. At the left a
representation of the clinical experiments conducted with CureSupport
Miravital B12.

Administration for healthy users
Administration of CureSupport Miravital B12 drops is simple. Shake
vigorously before use. Drop twice a week one drop in each nostril (see
picture). Snort vigorously.
Higher doses may be desirable if one needs more vitamin B12.

In order to prove the fast absorption of Miravital B12 we show as an
example a test with four persons. Average blood level of the four
people is around 500 pmol; two persons use 1000 mcg a time from
Hydroxocobalamin (HC); two persons use 1000 mcg Methylcobalamin
(MC) intranasal.

The average increase in pmol of both products is shown after one hour
of administration. As seen, both B12 values seen after one hour of
administration show a sharp increase, demonstrating an efficient uptake
of B12. It was seen from measured blood levels for all four persons that
within three days the blood levels of B12 were decreased to almost
normal values (around 500 - 1000 pmol). This experiment showed us
that only two dosages a week of 1000 mcg Miravital B12 is sufficient to
obtain acceptable blood levels of B12. Of course, if higher blood levels
are preferred it is safe to use higher dosages or more frequently.
Miravital Vitamin B12 is absolutely safe.

Accountability text vitamin B12 deficiency
The information on vitamin B12 deficiency is a general text. Your
situation may be different. In the event of lack of clarity about your
symptoms consult your practitioner.
Please ask for more information.
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