Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is essential for several processes in our body
cells. It contributes to the reduction of fatigue, to a normal functioning
of our immune system and to a normalization of the functioning of our
nervous system.
It is estimated that at least half of the population has a low B12 blood
level. In most cases a deficit is not caused by an excessively low intake
through food. Often the body cannot properly absorb the vitamin B12
present in food, due to various causes: disorders of the stomach which
result in a reduced Intrinsic Factor concentration, necessary for the
absorption of the Vitamin B12 (Extrinsic Factor), use of some
Next to that not all people are able to use the absorbed B12 in a proper
way within the body resulting in a relativily vitamin B12 shortage.
Vitamin B12 is present in large amounts in products as meat, meat
products, fish, eggs, milk and milk products. Vegetarians run the risk of
a vitamin B12 deficiency very easily.
These factors make the intake of supplements with B12 crucial.
However, the passive absorption of B12 without Intrinsic Factor through
the gastrointestinal tract is very limited. This means that the intake of
vitamin B12 through the mouth is less efficient.
Vitamin B12 used in supplements is produced by fermentation
processes using micro-organisms. There are four types commercially
available: cyano-cobalamine with a cyanide group attached to the
cobalt, and the more natural forms: hydroxo-cobalamin, methyl-
cobalamin and adenosyl-cobalamin. The latter three are preferred as
the human body can easily use these forms.
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